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|Courtney Mulherin|
|Samuel Adams Elementary School|
|spring 2023|

Courtney Mulherin,
Samuel Adams Elementary School

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Courtney is a Special Education and English as a second language teacher at the Samuel Adams Elementary School.


Born and raised in Syracuse, New York Courtney relocated to Boston in 2006. Since starting at Samuel Adams Elementary she not only taught first grade for 12 years but also taught Special Education and each grade from 1st to 5th.


Throughout her life, Courtney always loved school and the teachers who helped her. Her dream of becoming a teacher can be traced back to the age of 10 when one evening she proudly announced to her parents that she was going to be a teacher!


Courtney is particularly passionate about reading and ensuring all students have the same access to excellent books and reading material as anyone in any school system.  She is proud to call herself a teacher!

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