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Team introductions

As you know from our last post, the Spring 2023 On the Same Page Boston advocacy campaign run by Emerson College students is soon to be underway. We have a total of 8 teams running this campaign and each of our members is more than excited to be a part of this endeavor to increase access to a diverse range of books for the kids at Sam Adams Elementary in East Boston. Without further ado, here are our teams!

Our collateral team is composed of three members: Dan, Judit, and Kristin. They are in charge of overseeing all social media management,communication amongst all teams and act as liason with our partnership organizations. Dan has noted the team sees their responsibilities as helping each other team produce the best content possible and make sure we are advocating for the students of Sam Adams Elementary to the best of our ability.

Dan Luppino is a senior communication studies student with a focus in public diplomacy. He has shared that as a part of the collateral team he works every team to produce the best content and make sure we are representing Sam Adams Elementary to the best of our ability. When Dan was little, he was a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book kid and a huge fan of Roald Dahl's children's stories because they were both whimsical and spooky. His parents were always up for a good board game and now he get excited any time he gets the chance to play candyland with his niece and nephew.

Judit Agràs is a Global Communication Management Degree student. She also studies Business Administration at an online university. Her greatest hobbies are travelling, meeting new people and learning from different cultures. She is also interested in art, fashion, architecture, interiors, design, films and music.

Kristin He is a passionate advocate for human rights and civil rights and graduating in the spring 2023 with a B.S. degree of Political Communication with a specialization in nonprofit management, advocacy, and international policy. Kristin has 8 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Her favorite book to read as a kid was Five Thousand Years of Chinese Culture and History and Harry Potter, and her favorite game to play with her family is any game with cards.

In charge of marketing we have Lilianna and Olivienne. They will be reaching out to the press to gain awareness and gain donors for the campaign..

Lilianna is a Visual Media Arts student. She is most excited about seeing the public’s response to our campaign. She is also looking forward to seeing people come together to benefit a good cause! Her favorite board game as a kid was Clue. She feels it was a great way to work on her deductive reasoning skills while having fun with family.

Olivienne is a marketing communications student. She is excited to see what the campaign has in store. The marketing team is currently working on a press release to send out to reporters. Her favorite book when she was a child was Goodnight Moon!

The website is run by a duo, Maxwell and Maria.

Maxwell Chadran is a Business Creative Enterprise student. He has experience in website design from working at a small company for a couple years, and helping redesign their website. He is glad to have the opportunity to learn and provide new things to our nonprofit campaign!

Maria Pereda is an Advertisement, Marketing, and PR student. She is very proud to be a part of this campaign because she thinks providing children with all the resources to have good and happy live is essential. She has experience creating websites, and looks forward to using those skills to help this campaign.

Our facebook team is comprised of three members: Alana, Eliza, and Emmanuel. They are working on getting other non-profits to promote our campaign.

Alana Pomponio is a Communication Science and Disorders student. She is excited to advertise for the campaign, to really spread the word to get as many books and board games donated as possible. A book she enjoyed reading when she was little was a Wrinkle in Time and her favorite board game was The Game of Life!

Eliza Lederman is a sophomore communications studies student. They are really looking forward to collaborating with On the Same Page tiktok to inform people about our campaign!

Emmanuel Romeo is a Communications Studies student. They are originally from Miami, Florida. When they are not in class they really enjoy writing, photography and traveling.

The instagram team has three members; Grady, Rachel, and Qiutong.

Grady Behrhorst is a Business Creative Enterprise student. He is from Colorado, and loves to ski. As a member of the instagram team, he creates and schedules content. His favorite book growing up was Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Rachel Oglensky is a Communications Studies student from the Jersey Shore. She’s worked with a nonprofit before and thoroughly enjoyed it. She loves reading, drinking coffee, and spending time with friends. She also works at Mamaleh’s in Cambridge.

Qiutong is also in charge of scheduling and creating posts for instagram.

Elisa, Linh, and Sarah are On the Same Page Boston’s tiktok team.

Elisa Davidson is a Creative Writing student from Springfield VA. She really loves hiking, music, and reading. She says she is so excited to be working for the Tiktok page and be able to reach younger audiences in more unique, creative ways with our mission. She really looking forward to seeing what we can do to assist in this campaign!

Linh and Sarah both look forward to creating tiktok content to reach young audiences and inspire them to donate to the campaign.

Lastly, we, the blog team, would like to introduce ourselves! Julissa and Kat are running this new venture.

Julissa Moolenaar is a Communications Studies student. They are excited to be working with On the Same Page on their blog team.

Kat Thomas is a Journalism student from Watertown, NY. She happy to be contributing to On the Same Page’s blog, contributing a variety of writing to the community during the campaign. Her favorite games as a kid involved worldbuilding and her favorite book was the Little Prince.

Thanks so much for taking the time to meet our teams!



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