our history

The impact of these previous campaigns are both immediate and ongoing - allowing generations of children to see themselves in stories.

On The Same Page continues to work with various schools in the Boston area bringing inclusive books to their libraries.


Our Fall 2020 Campaign

Students in Emerson College's Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns class worked with McCormack Middle School in Dorchester to provide them with 325 books that reflect the student population.

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Our Spring 2020 Campaign

In 2020 the class worked with New Mission High School in Hyde Park. Four students from NMHS worked with the class to create engaging videos in which the students explained the need for inclusive books. The campaign brought resulted in 350 books being donated to the school. As the campaign took place during COVID-19, the books received were distributed to students at home by NMHS director Cory McCarthy.


Our Fall 2019 Campaign

On The Same Page ran its first inclusive book campaign supporting the George H. Conley Elementary School for its official launch. The campaign went live on April 2, 2019 and allowed supporters to donate books via Amazon Wish List to the school. Emerson College Nonprofit Fundraising Campaign students along with founder and professor Cathryn Edelstein collected 400 donated books for the elementary students, far exceeding the goal.