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The Importance of Having Librarians In Public Schools

In today’s society technology is constantly evolving, becoming increasingly common in our day-to-day lives. That’s why it’s important to learn how to use technology at a young age. Technology allows kids to seek answers but one important figure that helps guide these kids on the right path is the librarian. Often overlooked in discussions about modern education, librarians play an important role that goes further than being a bookkeeper. Here are some of the extensive impacts librarians have on students to further their educational success:

  1. School Librarians Create Lifelong Learners  

Developing a lifelong learning mindset is a valuable skill that we will use in every stage of our lives. This is a skill that begins at a young age and librarians are a resource for students to practice it. A study by the American Library Association found that  4 out of 5 Americans agree that libraries help spark creativity amongst young students. This is important because it shows a direct relationship between creativity and librarians which is necessary for all students to have access to when growing up in school.

2. School Librarians Help Close The Achievement Gap

In situations where economic status may limit a student's ability to access learning resources, a librarian helps even out the playing field! Not everyone can afford to hire tutors. Librarians can provide free assistance, ensuring that no student is left behind. Studies show that students in high-poverty schools are almost twice as likely to graduate when the school library is staffed with a certified school librarian. Librarians play a crucial role that enables students to access the information they require.

3. Libraries Are A Safe Space

No matter a student's skills or interests, the library welcomes everyone. It's a safe space to hang out with friends after school or a quiet place to be alone and do your homework. Students can know going to the library that it’s a welcoming space for them which helps entice students to use the library.

 Librarians play an essential role in the lives of students. With their help, kids can reach their fullest potential.  By donating to our campaign, you’re supporting the work of librarians and contributing to the positive impact that they have on students.  Thank you!

Written By: Declan Bretz



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