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New Semester, New Team!

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Hello, On the Same Page Boston blog readers! We are happy to report on a new school with a new team during this new semester! Let us introduce ourselves:

Blog Writer #1: Olivia Tosto

Olivia Tosto (she/her) is a media arts production major with a minor in nonprofit communication and is on track to graduate in the spring of 2025 from Emerson. She vividly recalls her days as an elementary student going to her favorite class, "Library", getting to pick out a new book, and diving into a new world that she would explore and live in. Without the help of a provided, vast selection of books, Olivia wouldn't have begun her passion of writing that has brought her to Emerson today. She is thrilled to work with a campaign that can provide and emphasize the importance of literature to the children of the greater Boston area.

Blog Writer #2: Ocean Muir

Ocean Muir's pronouns are they/them/theirs and they are an interdisciplinary studies major studying politics and literature. They spent most of their childhood in the Rogers Park branch of the Chicago Public Library, reading every book they could get their hands on (except Twilight. They never did read Twilight). Libraries have always been a place they could go if they needed help with schoolwork, were overwhelmed or if they just wanted a quiet place to sit and read.

This semester we will dive into myriads of topics that support our campaign and encourage donors to buy books for the students at Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion School. We want to embrace the diversity of literature and understand why identity representation can change a child's perspective towards the world and themselves. On the Same Page Boston is ecstatic to go into another semester where we can help the greater Boston community and provide a multitude of books to children that need and want the opportunity to expand their minds through the vast world of reading!

Written By: Olivia Tosto



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