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Support Diverse Literature!

Without the conscious effort to support diverse literature, especially within schooling, then we cannot make the societal shift of being equitable to all ranging identities and diversities. Promoting empathy, improving identity inclusion, and supporting developmental skills are all examples of what can be advanced due to regularly encouraging diverse literature in a child’s life.

The 2022 statistics from the Cooperative Children’s Book Center (CCBC), which annually

reports data on elementary BIPOC literature, announces improving results from this past year’s diverse literature study. The CCBC states that 40% children’s book authors were people of color. Moreover, not only has receiving content from diverse authors increased, but the CCBC also shared that 39% of the stories they reviewed had at least one BIPOC main character.

With the increasingly positive results from the 2022 CCBC study, this illustrates more of a reason to provide diverse literature. This need to continue to support BIPOC artists is deeply important. All kids deserve to see their identities emboldened by characters within literature to encourage and demonstrate that they have stories that are valuable and heard. Every story deserves to be told; if it impacts one person, it has made a world of difference. This is why On the Same Page Boston exists. We want to help modern, diverse literature become welcomed and expected at Boston Public Schools to help their students realize the stories they will read can enrich their lives and represent them. Our mission this semester with the Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion school is to help fulfill their wishlist with a wide ranging array of books picked out by their staff. We advocate for diversity inclusion within literature to be a necessity within every school; every child deserves to be a part of the story. Donate Today!

Written By: Olivia Tosto



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