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What is Identity Inclusion and Why it is Important to Us

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion school holds a community of vast diversity. With being an inclusion school, teachers and students are exposed to many backgrounds and

learning styles that individuals bring to the classroom daily. Thus, these dedicated, hard working students deserve all kinds of books and workbooks that properly represent their everyday life. On the Same Page Boston is working as an advocate to help Henderson receive modern texts, so these students have the opportunity to see themselves in their school work and their reading they do for enjoyment. Every child deserves to feel like they have a place in real and imaginary spaces.

However, what is identity, inclusion, and identity inclusion? According to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, identity is the compilation of identifying labels anyone uses to represent themselves. From the same source, inclusion is defined as how people from historically underrepresented identities, feel a sense of belonging, are valued, depended upon, and matter. Together, in the context of literature and overall media, identity inclusion is taking all identities seen and practiced around the world and utilizing them in stories, movies, etc. so all communities, especially unrecognized or marginalized ones, feel seen and respected.

With classic literature only portraying specific stories, lifestyles and communities, Henderson students deserve modern books with representation and inclusion! On the Henderson Amazon wishlist, made by their teachers, there are an array of stories and workbooks that represent every individual that is a part of their community. On the Same Page Boston has spoken with their teachers and literary specialists about how important this is to the Henderson student body and they have affirmed that learning from modern, representative texts will increasingly help student’s engagement and excitement towards their work.

Give Henderson students the opportunity to be a part of a story. Donate today!

Written By: Olivia Tosto



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