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What is on the same page?

By Julissa Moolenear

Hello Again,

If you’re new to On the Same Page, you’re probably wondering what this is and what it has to do with you. You can probably pick up the clue that we’re pretty passionate about books and while that’s a great guess, On the Same Page goes so much deeper than that. On the Same Page was started in 2019 at Emerson College as a response to the lack of not only books but books that reflect the realities of some of Boston's most marginalized communities.

Boston is an educational utopia, however the access to that education is not always a guarantee for those that call this city home. Nearly 40% of Boston’s public schools do not have a public library, On the Same Page recognizes these inequities and has a mission to fight this through donor support and our bi-annunal book drive. How YOU the reader can help is by sharing our posts on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok and for more direct action you can donate books and games to our book drive.

The Spring class of 2023 is working diligently as we prepare for our upcoming book drive and campaign. In next week’s post we’ll introduce you to the seven teams that we have working with us to make this goal a reality.



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