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Who is The Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion School?

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

We are happy to introduce this semester’s partnership with Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion School! With such a widely dynamic community, On the Same Page Boston’s team is thrilled to work with and be advocates for such an amazing school. Let's get to know them!

Based in Dorchester, Mass., the Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion school serves their community ranging from an early childhood program through grade 12 students

with different disabilities and linguistics in general education classrooms. Disabled students learn alongside their non-disabled peers, causing Henderson to gain national recognition for this teaching style. Teachers and support staff work closely to help children of all backgrounds learn and succeed together. As a fully inclusive school, Henderson utilizes their students' gifts and diversities to learn from one another and cultivate supportive classroom settings. Beloved by its unparalleled community, Henderson strives to provide comprehensive experiences to achieve continually rising qualities of work and performances from the students. With state of the art technology, student support services, and many more positive learning models integrated into their everyday academic life, students are able to recognize and put to action their goals of bettering themselves as individuals and students.

With a more diverse array of literature provided for the wonderful students at Henderson, they are able to grow into unimaginable heights powered through stories that have myriads of people and places. Every child deserves a chance to be a part of the story. Donate today!

Written By: Olivia Tosto




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